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Solar panel cleaning

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If you’re looking for solar panel cleaning MKR - Cleaning Services have the solution.

We offer a professional and reliable service using the water fed pole method of cleaning, which means we can normally clean them from ground level.

Here are some of the potential benefits:

  • Save money on energy bills
  • Minimise your impact on the environment
  • Maximise your solar panel’s life expectancy
  • Reliable, water-fed pole service (no ladder)
  • Risk-free solar panel cleaning

Fascia boards and soffits

Solar panel manufacturers recommend that your solar panels are cleaned on a regular basis, usually annually. The problem with cleaning them yourself is that this can be a dangerous job without the correct equipment. Climbing up ladders to clean them is not a very safe method of cleaning the panels.

Having your solar panels cleaned will remove any debris that naturally builds up over time, potentially increasing the amount of sunlight that enters the panels and thereby increasing the amount of energy that is created.

Start saving some money today with our solar panel cleaning service.


Its very difficult to provide an accurate quotation without seeing the job, however,

as with all our services we always provide an estimate of costs before we undertake any work, so there are no surprises for you the customer.

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