MKR - Cleaning Services

"Growing bigger by being better"

Look how clean these windows have come up. We clean the windows and the frames every time. This was the first time we had cleaned these windows, a very happy customer who now wants them cleaning regularly.

This conservatory wasn't looking its best, as it was covered in a green moss all over the roof and guttering. It now looks like new, we have another happy customer for sure and a regular annual visit to keep it clean.

The customer has also asked us to now clean their windows on a regular 4 weekly basis.

This is the guttering and fascia boards at the front of Ingoldisthorpe Post Office, the lady wont mind me telling you that it was ready for a clean. We cleaned this for the first time only recently (Aug 14) look at the pictures below to see what a difference our services can make to your home or business.

Ingoldisthorpe Post Office as above, now nice and clean, looking good every time I drive past it, even if I say so myself...

This driveway hadn't been cleaned for some time, another happy customer after we cleaned this up for them. See below for another picture of the same driveway, but a different part of it as it was a huge driveway.

Same driveway as above, this was a huge driveway area that went nearly all the way around the bungalow, a massive improvement even if I say so myself.

The customers were very happy, we went on to clean the driveway and completed a full house clean (windows, guttering/fascia boards, conservatory etc.) at another property that the customers own.