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Driveway & Patio cleaning

Patio area

Many people are proud of their garden areas and enjoy spending plenty of quality time in them. During the winter the patio area can become very slippery, a cleaner patio area is much safer for yourself and your family.

Whether your patio area is wooden decking, concrete or concrete paving flags, we can clean it for you and help make it look like new again. We remove all signs of moss, weeds and algae making your garden or patio area feel a lot fresher and safer to walk on.

We can clean:

- Wooden decking

- Concrete slabs

- Block paving


We can clean all different types of surfaces including: 

- Block paving

- Tarmac

- Concrete

- Concrete slabs

Over time driveways and paths etc. can become unsightly and slippery, making the area unsafe to walk on, due to the build up of weeds, moss and algae. We have a professional petrol engine pressure washer, with plenty of power and various tools including a specialist flat surface cleaner, which gives a lovely even finish and prevents you getting those horrible stripy marks in the finish, which you can often see when someone cleans the area with a less powerful, DIY type pressure washer. 

With the professional equipment we have, we are confident we can make a big difference to your driveway or patio area every time.

Our typical pressure washing process:

- Treat the area with a weed killer (if required)

- Apply a chemical agent to remove any oil or grease stains (if needed)

- Sweep or scrape away any debris.

- Clean the area with our high powered petrol engine or electric powered pressure      washer, using our specialist flat surface cleaner or turbo lances where needed.

- Sweep and rinse the whole area down.

- For block paving, sweep kiln dried sand into the joints to give that perfect finish.

- We can also finish it off with a sealer if required.

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