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Domestic window cleaning

We provide our customers with the option of either Traditional Window Cleaning or the Water fed pole method of cleaning windows.

Traditional window cleaning

This method of window cleaning has been around for many years and was for a long time the preferred method of cleaning most windows. We simply use a T-bar with a sponge type sleeve to apply the window cleaning fluid and then take it off with a rubber squeegee, leaving the glass gleaming. We use a proper window cleaning fluid, designed for the job, ( NOT "washing up liquid", which can be harmful to your windows).

We clean the glass, frames and the sills every time, many window cleaners will not offer to clean the frames due to the additional time it takes to do this. Here at MKR - Cleaning Services, we don't see the point in not cleaning the frames, would you want someone to clean your car for you and then leave the wheels looking dirty! Its the same thing to us, we want your whole window looking great each time, not just the glass.

Water fed pole method

With this method of cleaning the windows, we use as the name suggests, a long pole to reach the windows, which is ideal for upstairs or hard to reach windows. On the end of the pole is a soft bristled brush, that is used to agitate the dirt on the surface of the windows and frames. We then rinse the dirt off with "pure filtered" water, not water straight out of the tap.

We don't use just any old water, if we did it would just make a mess of the windows, leaving mineral deposits (white streaks etc) all down the windows. In some hard water areas the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level starts up at around 250 ppm (parts per million) before we use the water on your windows, we run it through various filters to take the water down to around zero ppm.

This process has the effect of leaving nothing in the water that can leave any residue or smears on the glass, the results are fantastic gleaming windows and frames every time. Finally, there are no chemicals at all used on the windows, just pure filtered water which is great for your windows and great for the environment.

This method is also the safer option for us window cleaners as generally our feet stay on the ground, which helps us keep in line with our health and safety policy.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We back both of these methods up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you aren't satisfied with the result, we will return to put things right for you, guaranteed!.


Prices start from as little as £10.00 for a small bungalow, £12.50 for an average 3 bedroom semi detached house or £15.00 for a detached house.

Its very difficult to provide an accurate quotation without seeing the job, however,

as with all our services we always provide an estimate of costs before we undertake any work, so there are no surprises for you the customer.

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